Let's Fill Our Virtual Shopping Carts, Shall We?


I'm in a horribly funky gawd-awful mood right now, and I can find very little of anything to say that is nice or even witty at this point in time. And I'm even more frustrated with myself because I think the reason I'm feeling this way is two-fold: Mother's Day is worse than Christmas in my book because you don't want to ask for anything, but then LORD ONLY KNOWS what you're gonna end up with or end up doing and it's just always .. anyway; and reason 2 is that I watched RHoNY this morning before work and the fight with Jill and Bethenny really has me so upset that I can't see straight AND I DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE, WHY DO I CARE AT ALL?!

Also, the Countess makes me nauseous on almost every level, but I would kill for her closet.


Some Stuff that I've Bought Lately!

When I had a funeral to attend, I started sorting through my Little Black Dresses and realized that they were all inappropriate for a funeral. They weren't crazy low-cut, but when you've got the goods.. dude, I can make a turtleneck look low-cut, ya know? So anyway, I put the question out on Twitter about where I could find a quick solution and I got a few responses to try out Merona's new FitSolution line at Target.

I am nothing if not obedient (HA), so I visited our local Target and found that yes, I am indeed a fan of the new line of clothing with a built-in slimming liner. And not just built-in ha-ha, like they so often tease with .. a shelf bra, really? what kind of crap IS that?.. but like a real, honest-to-goodness, Spanx-type suck you in liner. I bought this dress in black and have LOVED it.

.. you'll notice this is in purple. I might have this one too. As well as a brown one. WHAT CAN I SAY, I'M A FAN.

Okay, I didn't JUST buy this, but I use it daily and when I was doing my daily BootCamp recaps, everyone kept emailing me wanting to know what eye makeup I used. First of all, I am CRAZY pale. It should be noted that I use Bare Escentials Warmth as a blush because while to everyone else it's just a step up from a normal skin tone, for me it's dark enough to define my cheekbones. So I've laid that groundwork, I think.

Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner is the BEST splurge I have in my makeup arsenal. Granted, I got a teensy weensy pot as a sample awhile back .. come to think of it, I think it was one of the products I got when Tony was born and I was planning my hospital makeup routine (SHUT UP.) .. and I still am using the same little pot today. You don't need much at all, but a little dab of this in a great shade? (I use the shade "RSVP", which is described as a sparkly champagne.) Dude, your eyes will pop for hours. I love this stuff and keep meaning to go try new colors.. but yes, I use this every day and that's why my eyes look well-rested.

Much like the last product, this was turned on to me by way of sample. The weird thing about this sample is that it was mailed to my husband. By Frederik Fekkai himself. And my husband has no hair.

Regardless, I pushed my bitterness aside and promptly stole the sample.

Frederik Fekkai's Glossing Creme is no new thing, but I just recently fell in love. We're moving into the humid months here in the south, and this has worked wonders in keeping my what-would-be Dallas-sized hair under control when it's 89% humidity outside. (See also: any day that ends in "y" round these parts.) It is a VERY strong leave-in conditioner, so if you have fine or naturally straight hair, you may not need this. And honestly, it's too much for my hair if I apply it when my hair is dry.. but while it's still damp BEFORE I dry it? Oh, this is miracle potion.

Again, this is not a new purchase, but it's SPRINGTIME!, which means it's also time to pull out the spring perfumes. While I find that most of the products in Bath & Body Works' Wild Honeysuckle line smell too artificial and too cloying, the eau de toilette stays light and sweet, and it's a great base for layering fragrances. This with a little Baby Grace on top? Dude, it's MAGIC.

This chore chart was too long in coming. But it is now up and filled to the brim with things that lighten my load. It's great because it's magnetic (it's on our door leaving the house), it's dry erase (so chores can vary from week to week), and it's got magnetic "stars" to note that the chore was accomplished. It even has a bottom portion for setting up a reward system if you so choose, but um, the reward in my house is that I let you live there.

Alrighty, your turn! Anything new on your horizon that you are just in love with? Or that I should steer clear from? Spill the beans!

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