Those Summer .. NIIIIGGGGHTTSS!!

Okay, if you're not a Grease fan, so help me Jeebus, you can just move right along.

I was so EXCITED to hear from my old buddy Drew and hear that's he moved on to a great place. AND to hear that he wants to do a promotion with me? Dude, this was truly like Christmas in July.

Have you heard about Okay, so I honestly hadn't, but now that I have? I'm kinda hooked. Seriously. I pretty much love their stuff and AND and I love that when you click on most items, they have a Plus-Sized version available from THAT VERY LINK. This is awesome because sizing for lingerie varies from company to company, so if you find you're on the cusp? Dude, just click on over to the Plus-Sized version! Am in love!

So .. about summer, in terms of romance.

IT'S HOT. And not always, like, in a GOOD way. For example, here in Alabama, we've had highs in the upper nineties through most of June. UPPER NINETIES. And here, we also have, like, eleventy billion percent humidity, so we're talking some serious heat and sweat here. Even evenings are warm. And humid. Have I mentioned the humid? It's like trying to breathe in jello, swear to gawd.

BUT .. not gonna lie .. summer nights always, always remind me of my times as a crazy teenager.

I mean, think about it. Summer was the one freedom. Curfews are relaxed, businesses expect youngins to come in and hang out, and .. hm. Good stuff.

The summer after I graduated high school (you know, only like a million years ago) always stands out as the most amazing summer. I was dating a guy I was truly crazy about, we hung out like ALL THE TIME, and we even had some summertime school trips that took us across the country. We spent many a crazy summer night together.

Of course, we were young, broke, and slightly sheltered, so our crazy nights may have involved something as scandalous as .. putt-putt or something.

But it never fails: a full moon in the middle of June humidity always brings out the care-free teenager in me again.

So while browsing through the website, I kept looking at all of the stuff and wondering what the 18 year old me would've worn. I was a simple and scared young girl, not really sure what to do with my curves yet, but the almost-30-year-old me looks back at these and these and loves how simple yet sexy they are. The 18 year old me would've rocked them.

But I'm not quite 18 anymore. (SURPRISE!) So my styles have changed ever so slightly; I like something a bit more covered now. Because, honestly, I think I've come to agree that the hint at sexy is just as sexy.

And also because, let's face it: if you're wearing lingerie, you're going to feel sexy. It's just basic fact.

So here's the great part about this post, and probably what you've come to read about anyway: Drew has graciously given me a $50 gift card to use at!! So you can now take part in your own crazy summer nights!

Here's the deets:
  • Every comment on THIS post is a chance to win!
  • Tell me about your favorite summer fling. Be as open or as secretive as you need to be. :)
  • You can also tweet about the contest (be sure to use the #summerfling hashtag) to enter, but you must come back here and link to your tweet entry.
  • This contest will run thru July 6th, and the winner will be chosen by

That's it! So dish with me about your favorite summer fling.. I totally won't spill your secrets, either .. and click on over to Lingerie to take advantage of their July Summer Fling special.. 15% off awaits you!

This post and contest have been sponsored by That said, all of the crazy summer romance stuff is TOTALLY mine and I totally mean it.

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