The List Grows Longer

I am PMSing. I leave for vacation in less than a week. I am currently inhaling hot popcorn with Reese's Pieces melted in there.


I haven't done one of these in a while, what with all of the money crap happening recently, but I thought I should share some of the good stuff I've purchased recently. I LOVE reading these posts because, you know, sometimes you're all that LOOKS cool, but does it really work? and it's nice to hear a real person (or at least me) say, YEAH, IT TOTALLY WORKS SO BUY ONE SO WE CAN BE TWINSIES.

Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara. Y'all, I have written before about my profound love for Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara, and I am now a firm believer that you cannot go wrong with any mascara product with the name Rimmel on the outside. My ONLY complaint with this mascara, which does an amazing job with the separation and elongation of lashes, is that I picked it up in Brown Black and LO AND BEHOLD my lashes aren't as dark as I like them. Which, BAD SARAH, BAD BAD SARAH.

Sadly, I need to report to you that I SO PMSing that I just CUT OPEN THE BAG OF POPCORN/REESE'S PIECES because the stupid PAPER was impeding my hand-to-mouth speed. Am truly pathetic. Also may have melted chocolate on my mouth. Most likely don't care.

Moving on.

L'Oreal has a REALLY good thing going wit their EverPure line. I've talked about it before as well, but it wasn't until recently that I braved any peripheral product. I'm just so skeptical of any product, mainly because my hair is naturally a hot mess, and most products only seem to aggrivate it into needing its own zip code. (Sidenote: I accidently typed "zip coke", and then thought, mmmm.. coke.) But I picked this up and it's FABULOUS. I put it on my dry hair, between the blow-drying and styling phase. It's not greasy, smells like Aveda products, and I just really love it enough to make out with it. But not with tongue, because my tongue is currently reserved for peanut butter and chocolate.

Olay DEFINITY (they firmly believe this product is deserving of all CAPS, for some reason) Color Recapture. I picked this up yesterday because, well, in reality, I'm tired, like, all the time and I kinda am starting to look it. I was AGHAST (aghast, I say!) at my reflection at some point last week, where dark DARK circles have made themselves entirely too comfortable under my eyes. I decided then and there that this crap has got to STOP! Or at least I should look better doing it. Good Housekeeping lavished this product with praise, but honestly? I'm kind of meh about it. First of all, the lightest shade looks like fake tanner on me. And? It's REALLY heavy. Not really condusive to Alabama humidity in August. I'm giving it to the end of the week, and if I'm not sold? TOTALLY taking that baby back.

This white blouse from Ann Taylor Loft is SUCH a great piece this fall. I literally own it in three colors, and it looks uber flattering on everyone. I make everyone try it on and it's always a guaranteed winner.

I don't think any of you should own these because I do, and I like being the only one who does because then everyone's all "OHMYGOD, LOOK AT YOUR CUTE SHOES!" and I get to strut around and go I know, right? How cute ARE these? SO CUTE, that's how cute! My mom ordered these for me and I wear them ALL THE TIME. I used to hate Crocs, but they are making some REALLY cute stuff now. ::sigh:: I know. I'm a sucker.

Alright, your turn. Let me know something new to go covet. Wassup in your world, biatches?

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