A List of Christmas Wishes

Let me totally toot my own horn for a second and point out that, so far, NaBloPoMo has been a bunch of pretty solid posts. (Of course, it's only the 12th.) But they've all had a single point, they've all been to that point, and then they all wrapped up.

Um, that's pretty unheard of for me. Seriously.



Molly Mutt is a company that utilizes "stuff sacks" to fill their OH SO PRECIOUS pet beds; you fill the stuff sack with your old clothes, old towels, whatever. And washing the duvet? OH SO AWESOME when you have dirty pets.


This precious set from Target is just begging to be introduced to my cabinets. We have a great set of Johnson Brothers dishware, but the glaze is cracked from the years of love (it's passed down from my grandmother, so..), and we're going to have to replace it pronto. I love how basic (but classic!) this set is, and the pop of white in our otherwise muted kitchen colors is just beautiful.

(Okay, so honestly? I plan to buy pieces of this and integrate it so that we'll have a full set by Thanksgiving, since we typically host the family over at our place.)(Don't tell Bryan, okay?)

The Reebok EasyTone Inspire shoe is supposed to help your butt look good. I only wear my running Asics anymore, and Lord knows that I shouldn't be wearing them for just lounging around at the price they cost me. These are cute (but pricey!), but it's less than plastic surgery, which is apparently what it will take for my ass to look good.

Y'all.. here's the deal. I CANNOT GET MY IPHONE TO ACCURATELY WORK AS A GPS. It will NOT track mileage, pace, or anything that I WANT IT TO DO. I need this to do it for me. Or someone who is smarter than me to teach me how to work my iPhone.

I run through my local Brueggers Bagels at least three times a week. They run a special every holiday season that $129 buys you UNLIMITED REFILLS FOR THE NEXT YEAR. And it's not even just coffee.. tea, cold beverages, anything. And I think (at least it was this way last year) that you can get 1 dozen donuts a month free. Aside from the fact that it's going green (or some other tree-hugging crap), dude, I WOULD TOTALLY GET DAILY USE OUT OF THIS PRESENT.

Our walls are pretty barren. I've got a few posters up here and there, and a few framed pictures, but really? We have nothing on our naked walls. I would sincerely love to devote some time/money into "finishing" our house this Christmas. We've been here a year, so maybe it's time to start icing the cake, you know?

Alright, big question: what are you buying yourself for Christmas? (And spare me all of the I never buy myself ANYTHING crap, cause we all do it. For some, it's the only way they get at LEAST one present they actually wanted.)

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