I Am Ignoring You, Gloom.

This week has been sucktastic. Like, SUCK-TAS-TIC. Aside from the one night I went to bed at 6:30 p.m. and slept solidly till 6:30 a.m., there have been no highlights.

So I'm pretending that it didn't happen. For YOUR sakes, you know. It's because I care.

SOOOOO, let's instead talk about stuff that I want!! That always makes me feel better.

1. TO BE AT BLOGHER. Just thought I'd say it. I am DY-ING for some girl time, time to relax, time to DRINK, time to laugh until my sides are raw. Instead, I've been working. Um, and that? Just not as much fun.

2. This.

In every color. Have I mentioned how I work here now, parttime? And how I haven't purchased a SINGLE thing? Oh, the restraint is EATING ME ALIVE. Seriously. For fun, I try on all of the new fall stock and make my wish list and have not used my amazing discount even once. BEING POOR SUCKS MAJOR BALLS.

Because let's be honest here: I'm not a clothes horse. But I LOVE looking well put-together without a lot of effort and this store makes that SO incredibly easy. And their fall stuff is SO FREAKIN' PRECIOUS. Just, like, $200 would get me by. I could make that shit work. And I'd look so hot.

Currently, I am wearing white maternity jeans.

3. All of these.

4. The new Nissan Cube, if for no other reason than the slogan is "Curvy is the New Cool."


5. A vacation. Maybe to here:

Or here.

(Wow, that's big.)


This. Like, a crate of it. Spoon optional.

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