A Little Linky Love

My latest post is up at Bodies in Motivation. I may or may not have taken a little liberty with this post.

My team heads off to NOLA tonight.. without me. I am here, playing a scandalous wife in a local production. I love the show and all, but damn, I'd rather be in NOLA. Even in June.

To make myself feel better, I am making shrimp and grits tonight, recipe courtesy of the Neelys by way of my mother.

I might have given in to some temptation at the store. I'm not admitting guilt yet, but when you see my fabulous hair, YOU'LL KNOW.

Y'all, for reals, KMart has really cute clothes on the cheap. Which makes me feel better since Real Simple did a piece this month about the best t-shirts and the cheaper end of their price range fell at $37. FOR A TSHIRT.

I honestly don't remember if I've yet touted my intense love for this product, but it's certainly deserving of two mentions. And most times, you can find a great deal online for it. Take it from me, so-pale-she-makes-Twilight-look-like-90210-girl, this stuff is subtle and effective. And the firming? OH, THE FIRMING.

Lastly, I want one of each. Thanks!

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