We were sitting in front of the tv two weeks or so ago, and Bryan suddenly turns to me and says, "You know I want more than this, right?"

It was a question I wasn't expecting from him, but really, it was SO nice to hear.

He continued. "I want us to travel, and I want us to go places and do things and live a full life, and I know there's more to it than just eating dinner, doing dishes, and watching TiVo every night. I need you to know that I'm not content with this. We're not done yet."

I know the economy is killing everyone right now, so I feel bad complaining about money. We're more fortunate than most; although both of our companies are struggling, neither one of us have had the threat of layoffs. We have good (great, really) health insurance. And for the most part, we have our health.

And we're actually incredibly careful with our money. We make choices based on months of bills ahead. After spending years of living paycheck to paycheck and praying it's all covered, we actually (gasp!) have a budget that factors in the next several months of our expenditures. So we're trying.

Of course, it doesn't help that the price of everything is rising. Daycare is raising its weekly rates, grocery shopping is downright depressing, and our utility company just announced another rate hike. ::sigh::

Anyway, so, enough with the reality, right? Bryan asked me what I wanted to do when we have money.

Keep in mind, this is all hypothetical. No doubt that any "extra" we have will quickly be absorbed by bills and whatnot. OR TIRES.

SO! A list of hypothetical purchases I want to make with hypothetical money.

One of these dresses in every color. I buy at least one of these every spring, and this year? THEY HAVE POCKETS.

One of these in every color. I am all torso, so longer tanks/tees are essential to me not showing the tramp stamp.

I would like to spend a day here. There's one in Atlanta and I'm DYING to take a trip. I could link to every product I want to buy there, but I'm only allowed so much bandwidth.

For whatever unknown insane reason, the former owners of our house did not want any of the windows to open. Literally, of the fifteen windows in the house, TWO open. In the same room. So you cannot air out the house, and y'all know I am insane about needing a cross breeze to let the dragon out. I would buy windows for our bedrooms.

It matches my bedroom walls. Need I say more?

And I don't have to explain that one either.

Again. I just like it. Sue me.

Y'all, I literally mop the entire front of my house twice or three times a week. With two dogs, Alabama red clay, and three boys, we go through at least 1 liter of Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning fluid a week. I have to think this would be a better alternative.

Ah ha! A 90-piece complete closet organization kit, featuring the slim-line hangers I adore! I'll take four kits, please.

And just think, once I've gotten my closets organized, my bed made, my floors steamed, and my windows open, I'll finally have time and energy enough to work that pole from Flirty Girl Fitness.

Alright, your turn: a mysterious benefactor lands you a surprise inheritance. What's your hypothetical splurge?

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