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Alright. Y'all, it has been an INSANE week, one that proved to me that I am not strong enough to do the SAHM thing, one that made me THANKFUL to have a job, one that made me feel like I am failing miserably at both of the formerly listed things. Tomorrow is Friday, which means an early day in and out, and then I need a nap.


(Update on something weird: Lent is now over, and I can't cuss. I just can't. I have retrained myself and now I have to force myself to use words that used to flow from my lips like water: ass, fuck, shit, the like. I just can't. Stupid sacrifice for Jesus.)

(Update on a weird side effect: I have become just hatefully mean. Hold on, homeschooler who was going to snarf and say, "SNFF, just become?"; yes, just. As in, REALLY mean. Watching The Biggest Loser the other night and Bryan missed the end of a segment. "Who won that last challenge?" he asked. Not looking up from my iPhone, I answered, "The fat one." I KNOW. WHO IS THAT SNARKY PERSON?)

(Me.)(And so endeth the parentheticals.)

So, the post I've been writing in my head for two weeks: STUFF I HAVE PURCHASED LATELY AND YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT! I know you love these. I love writing them. Because, inevitably, someone will mention something in the comments that I have to run out and buy. Don't you love this symbiotic relationship we have? And the science terms that I misuse to make myself sound educated?

Philosophy's MicroDelivery Exfoliating Wash is my new love. I don't remember how I first came across a 4 oz sample size, but I had forgotten how much I adored it until I was bequeathed a full 16 oz bottle. It is THE BEST exfoliator for your skin (face included), and it takes, like, five seconds to do your entire body. Gentle for even moi's sensitive skin, I use this two or three times a week before putting on heavy-duty lotion. It's AWESOME.

I am a bit of a mascara-phobic. My eyes are the most sensitive part of my body, and anything could trigger a crazy, puffed-up reaction. Mascara is ESPECIALLY prone to do this. But someone of a similar circumstance raved of the Rimmel products, so I gave in and purchased their new "Sexy Curves" mascara. Um, the brush freaked me out. Cause, seriously? But DUDE, I LOVE THIS MASCARA. It REALLY does increase the curl in your lashes (and I use a eyelash curler, so LOOK OUT), and most important, it comes off easily and is gentle on my eyes. Love.

Boots No7 Quick Thinking makeup removing wipes are my current lovahs. I am just too friggin' tired in the evening to go and wash my face. I know that's lame. I know I should be able to muster a mere five minutes to wash my face, but you know? I HAVE HAD A SCREAMING TODDLER ON MY HIP FOR THREE DAYS NOW, AND TIME SPENT WASHING MY FACE COULD BE SPENT SLEEPING. So bite me. Dr. Spock. Anyway. These wipes are gentle, cheap, and don't require water. You literally take them out of the pack, wipe all your makeup off (and it works! it comes off!), toss the wipe, and pass out in your bed. And if I've said it once, I've said it a million times: I have INCREDIBLY sensitive skin (see every post ever for reference), and this doesn't irritate. One bit.

I had a DUR/AH-HA moment a few weeks back, when Binja's eczema kicked up so badly that we were considering seeking medical attention for him. EVERYTHING was irritating his poor skin, no matter how much it claimed to be "gentle" and "for baby's sensitive skin" (I'm looking at YOU, Aveeno). And then I was .. well, I was .. okay, I was NOT on the toilet so don't you dare assume I was.. and as I turned around to flush I saw this handy no water needed cleanser that I use for MY face when stage makeup has irritated it. And a light bulb exploded above my head. His skin has been AWESOME and clear ever since.

She's gonna hate me for this, but my friend Steph the Hairless Wonder has been telling me FOR YEARS that Target sells the best bras. And we were all like, yeah, okay, but you can wear a Dora the Explorer training bra, so I don't think that counts. Turns out, and I'll admit it cause I'm that kind of girl, that she was right. The Gilligan & O'Malley line of bras at Target? ARE PHENOMENAL. My Victoria's Secret bra finally gave out on me (what? I've only had it since 2004!)(and I just tried to write 2004 in all CAPS cause I'm a genius), and I knew that Bryan would piss blood if I spent another $50 on a bra. So I gave in and tried the $11 bra from Target. (Mostly because it was on sale for $9.) I promptly fell in love. It's more comfortable (dare I say it?) than my VS bra, and at $11? I can own MORE THAN ONE!

I am notorious for not stopping to eat lunch. There are many days when I'll even skip dinner and realize the next day that I've gone 24 hours without eating. I KNOW THIS IS A STUPID PROBLEM. So to curb that habit, I keep an On-the-Go Canister of Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds at my desk at work. A handful of vanilla bean roasted almonds give me the protein and energy to get through my day, and I don't feel all fat and bloaty from it. Killer snack to have on hand.

Lastly, I wanted to throw this one out there because it's nice to have a go-to when my regular dishwashing liquid (Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Liquid in Clementine Zest) is hard to find (which is, like, always): I offer you Clorox's GreenWorks Dishwashing Liquid. I we (I) handwash a lot of things daily (sippy cups!), and I have always insisted that we use a plant-based cleaner to do that. I know it's stupid, but I just feel better that the back reads that if you accidentally ingest this stuff, you're just supposed to down 8 oz of water. Versus, you know, making yourself vomit. Anyway, this new product actually does a STELLAR job of cleaning.. even the caked on, baked on, yucky stuff comes off after a brief soak. HIGHLY recommend it.

Alright! I've shown you mine; now you tell me the good stuff you've checked out recently.

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