Stuff I've Bought: Cheap Stuff Edition

I've tried some stuff lately, and I want you to know about it. It's just really that simple.

I think most of this stuff is stuff that can be bought at any drugstore or grocery store, and I'm actually verifying that by linking the pics to sites that you can purchase from.

Winter is MURDER on my skin. Aside from the cold conditions outside (lemme pause for a minute and say that IT SNOWED HERE YESTERDAY!! SNOW! WHITE, FLUFFY SNOW!!), there's the additional horrid nature of indoor heating. For whatever reason, people always forget that indoor heating -- i.e. hot, dry air that is forced through your house -- is HORRIBLE for your skin. Winter is always a challenge to keep my sensitive self from becoming one big callous, and I found some products that I've now sworn to always keep in my arsenal.

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion is so fantastic. Here's why: IT WORKS. And added bonus? How many of you ladies (or gents) out there get little bumpies on your upper arms? I do, and they are MADDENING. I can exfoliate the bejeezus out of those puppies, and they just never go away. But this lotion also contains a mild alpha-hydroxy compound, which works to exfoliate while it smoothes. And? IT WORKS. This is the only way I've ever gotten those bumps to go away, EVER, and it's amazing. It doesn't have a fragrance to it, which is kind of "meh". On one hand, this means it won't compete with your fragrance, if you wear any. On the other hand, I like smelling like lavender.

Binja would like me to also share this product with you. He had a NAS-TEE case of diaper rash a month or so back, when Stupid Momma tried to upgrade to the fancier diapers. Guess who was allergic? Oh, that would be the spawn of the child WHO IS ALLERGIC TO WATER. This stuff is rather thick, but MAN, it took care of that in no time. His skin was as smooth as .. well, you know. And it's completely free of fragrance, dyes, and other nasty things that tend to bother his troublesome hide.

So, this is kinda what I recommend. But not really. I'm not a berry person when it comes to stuff on my lips (because, really, why must everything taste like berry?), so I picked this same stuff up, but flavored in mint. And I LURVE IT. I kept in my car at first because I'm always needing something to put on in my car, but it stayed on so well and conditioned my lips better than anything else I've used (seriously.. I am a bit of a freak about stuff on my lips) that I bought another tube for my purse. Love it, love it, love it. I'm sure the berry is just as good, if you're a berry person.

I was so excited to see this in the store. When I went and got my hair did last week, I complained to my stylist that the red just fades SO.FAST and she was all, I know but THANK GOD for those color shampoos and conditioners! And I.. don't use any. Never have. Because, quite frankly, what they always try and persuade me to buy costs a small fortune and my hair literally soaks the stuff up like I soak up vodka. So I saw this in the store and rejoiced, and angels sang, and all was good. This shampoo and conditioner not only smells divine (thanks to rosemary and mint), but it contains NO sulfates, which are the salt compounds that strip your hair of color. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

My hair dryer began smoking about a month ago. Of course, I'd had this same Revlon hair dryer for close to ten years. And back then, they didn't make removable end-caps to clean out the lint and whatnot. But it had been an AMAZING hair dryer, and I was sad to give it up. I asked my stylist about her dryer, an ungodly expensive Chi dryer, and she told me, verbatim, "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY." So, instead, I bought an updated version of my old dryer. This new-fangled version has an Ion switch, which I didn't understand and you kids with your fancy technologies!, but most importantly, you could remove the endcap to clean out the filter. The Ion Switch? FABULOUS. Shiny, healthy hair. How? I DON'T KNOW. And the one I picked up also came with a diffuser, which is awesome.

Okay, so I haven't actually tried these yet. But as a mom of a toddler who PERPETUALLY LEAKS OUT OF EVERY ORIFICE IN HIS HEAD, this seems like a natural fit. These wipes have saline added to them, to not only break up crusted snot (you're welcome), but to also help moisturize the nasal passages as you prod them. My child acts as if any tissue is covered in electric spikes when I dare to wipe his nose, so the less I have to do it, the better off I'd be. Also, I adore anything by the Little Noses line, and if you hate doing saline drips into your child's nose, be sure and give their Nasal Spray a try. It's got some sort of aerosol (but obviously not exactly that) behind it, so it forces the spray up in there.

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