Nature's Basin: Soleo Organic Sunscreen

I was contacted by Tory of Nature's Basin a few weeks ago to do a review for their new website.  Based in California, Nature's Basin offers organic beauty products and natural skin care products .. and more importantly, they offer free samples with every order.

Y'all, this was like a dream come true.  It was like Christmas up in the Anvil Tree!  Free samples!  Organic beauty care!  The clouds parted, and the sun shone through like it was the 41st morning on the Ark.

They graciously sent me a sample of Soleo Organic sunscreen.  Which is to say, they must've seen my pictures online and realized that at least half of my family is near transparent in our irish skin.  The owner of the site actually sent a very sweet, handwritten note, letting me know that this sunscreen was her personal favorite.

I'm a sucker for a handwritten note, truth be told.

So this weekend, we enjoyed a little sun.

Perks of Soleo Organic Sunscreen:
  • I LOVE THAT IT'S ON A CARABEANER.  I know that sounds silly, but we have .. and I say "we" because I am kind-hearted .. a problem with losing things.  Specifically sunscreen.  So being able to clip this bad boy to a diaper bag or a stroller and ALWAYS KNOW WHERE IT IS?  Oh, I weep from the joy.
  • It has a very, very light fragrance.  It took a little getting used to, after the heavy coconut or .. tropical (?) fragrance of non-organics, but this was pleasant. The natural oils used in it have a slight fragrance, but it's clean.  And you definitely don't smell "tropical". 
  • It wasn't very greasy at all.  This is the battle I've always fought with sunscreen vs. children: EWW, BUT IT'S SO GROSS AND I HATE IT ON MY SKIN, MOMMA.  But this was no heavier than the lotion we put on after a bath.  Thank you, thank you, Soleo.
Not so perky:
  • It is .. organic.  It requires a little kneading before you squirt it out, and -- admittedly, it's my fault -- I don't always remember that part.
  • Although it's a light lotion, it doesn't always spread easily and it takes a little more than normal to cover. 
Again, these are not HUGE detriments, and I think that overall, it's a REALLY great alternative for children who have sensitive skin (like me!)(oh, and my kids!).  We spent time outside this weekend, but we didn't go swimming or do anything highly active, so I don't know how well it would withstand water/sweat.

Product review aside, I DO want to tout Nature's Basin.  It's a very good place to start on your organic journey with skin/face/baby care and they've actually started a rewards program.  Look, it's not rocket science to notice that organic products cost a bit more.  But with the Rewards Program, you can earn a little cash back with your points per purchase. 

And did I mention the samples?!

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