Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion: LOVE IT.

We're in a recession at my house, so spending any money on anything "frivolous" has been declared a NO-GO.  For sure.  No question.  Even things like razor blades, shampoo/conditioner, and lotion fall into this.  The only exception is the baby.  The baby gets whatever he wants. 

Life is so unfair.

Anyway, long story short, we were out of lotion.  I am a VERY DRY individual, and giving up lotion is just not possible.  It's just not.  Even in these humid Alabama summers, I get dry skin.

On top of that, I'm crazy allergic to most everything.  Especially things that are fragranced.  Dude, hives.  Itchy, ugly, raised awful hives.

So my staple has ALWAYS been Philosophy's Amazing Grace Firming Body Lotion.  It smells great .. light, but great .. and does a superior job of keeping my skin moist.  But .. the price tag is a little off-setting.  Even though I'm not the only one who uses it (he would NEVER admit that he uses it .. but he does), it was an expense I just couldn't justify.

I kind of have this weird mental thing that if it's in Target, I can justify the expense.  After all, Target is .. like.. a grocery store!  Nothing expensive in grocery stores!  So .. enter Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion.

I had a coupon at Target that I decided to use for this bottle, and it ended up being as much as you can find it for on Amazon .. at a smaller size. (Tip: USE AMAZON.)

I love this product.  Muchly.  It isn't lying about the emollient part; a little bit really does go a long way.  It's very light, which is appreciated in this afore-mentioned hot summers of Alabama.  I was worried because it is fragranced, and those products usually don't "sit well" with my skin, but I've had nothing but smooth, soft skin and the smell?  Really, really nice.  It reminds me of gardenias, but not as overwhelming as most "gardenia" scented products.

Truth be told, I prefer this to .. dare I say it? .. Philosophy's Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion. And the fact that if I have to, I can find it on a neighborhood shelf makes it worth the purchase. (But don't be me: use Amazon to get the 32 oz size at a cheaper price!

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  1. Really? I mean, really really? Cause Philosophy is sort of the goddess of all things skincare in my house. And my skin? Slightly reminiscent of a gum wrapper after its been crushed up a few times and then smoothed out again. So I'm all about some emollient.