What Every Woman Should Posess: A Kaboodle

I don't remember how it came up, but I was talking to someone on Twitter the other day and they mentioned finding something cute online and wondered how to drop the hint to their husband.

I said, add it to your Kaboodle!

They said, What in the name of Dixie are you talking about?

(I don't think they said that.)(Exactly.)

Anyway, YES.  If you are the online sort (and you clearly are) and you have good taste (um, you're here, so you clearly do), then you need to have a Kaboodle!  Not one of those plastic make-up holders that we all coveted when we were younger (and yes, they still make them, if you were wondering); a Kaboodle List is an online wish-list.

I started one a couple of years ago when I realized that my Amazon wish list was kind of limited.  Not everything I wanted to buy was on Amazon, after all.  Cue Kaboodle!  Add a button to your browser's toolbar, and all you need to do is click the Add to Kaboodle button when you are on the web page of an item you covet.  Bizzam! (Which is not a word, but should be!) It's on your Kaboodle list!

You can display your Kaboodle list in a million different ways; I like to use mine on the sidebar of my blogs so people can see what I've been scoping out lately.  The code is INCREDIBLY user friendly; it's one of the first widgets that I actually installed myself, and had little to no issue with it.

Not only that, but you can have different Kaboodle lists for different reasons!  I have a list for each of my boys, plus a random WTF?! list that is just weird stuff I find online. (I find WEIRD stuff online.) My default list is the one you see in the sidebar; it's really just stuff that I covet and almost never buy.

Unless I have a birthday coming up.  And it just happens to be a big one.  Like 3-0 big.  IN A MONTH.  AHEM, HUSBAND.

So, yeah.  If you don't have a Kaboodle list, now's the time!  Go ahead and get one stocked up for Christmas and then send your husband the link!  It doesn't take all the surprise away, because if you stock your list really well.. chances are you've forgotten stuff you added months ago. (Hi, that's me!)

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