Items in Your Cart: BAZILLION

I hate to do even DO one of these posts, because my last one came under such fire for being "irresponsible" because here I am, complaining about the economy and money woes, and yet I was purchasing such big ticket items as MAKEUP and PERFUME. I know. Please forgive my IGNORANCE, but I am democratic: I believe in putting money back into the economy in order to stimulate it.

But, I thought, you know? Maybe that incredibly passive aggressive blogger is right in their bitchiness. Maybe I am not being mindful of the economic plight of our nation. So with that in mind, I offer you:


Seriously! This is stuff that I've tried in the last few months so that you don't have to. It's a public service, really. And besides, some people I've actually CONVERTED by doing these posts. Just ask Christina about Philosophy.

I bought this razor on a whim, because I had been using the Schick Quatro forEVER and thought maybe I had missed the boat on the latest razor technology. I have mixed feelings about this razor. It saves SO MUCH TIME in the shower.. seriously, as the mother of three children, I would not shit you about that.. and it also saves body wash because you're not having to use it (or shaving cream, whatever floats your boat) to shave. It really IS incredibly moisturizing and very easy to use. The downside, in my opinion, is that I have italian hair. Which is incredibly thick and a bit terrifying for razors. (More on that later.) Quite frankly, the soapy outer edge blocky thingie is only good for a two week period of shaves, and then it needs to be replaced. My other razor could go for a LOT longer without needing replacing. Another downside, and someone help me if I'm just too stupid to have figured this out, is that two replacement cartridges costs $1 MORE than the original starter pack (which includes a razor base and two cartridges). That just seems unenvironmental. Which is not a word, but shut up about it already.

I actually was introduced to this shampoo as a young child, because I have incredibly thick hair (yes, there is one more mention of italian hair forthcoming) and it was difficult for me to adequately cleanse my hair. Neutrogena T-Gel is a coal/tar based shampoo that is recommended for dandruff control or for itchy, flaky scalp. I actually was reintroduced to it when Binja's first pediatrician recommended it for his cradle cap. That doctor was a complete moron, BUT she was totally on target for that. It cleared up his cradle cap within two uses, and made his hair look AMAZING. Seriously, we would have old people stop and marvel over his hair. I ran out of my Philosophy Shear Splendor shampoo (again, my hair just drinks up shampoo.. I went through a 32 oz bottle in two months), and in a pinch, borrowed Binja's shampoo. OHMYGOD. My hair is so awesome because of this stuff. Clean, weightless, and it actually stretches longer between blowouts. Also: Target and Publix both make a generic version that smells better than the actual one and is cheaper. SCORE.

Well, hells bells. I was going to continue my italian hair talk with a purchase I made lately and I cannot find the product anywhere online. Probably because it was not worth recommending: the Neutrogena Bikini Razors. They basically sucked ass. Small in size, and even smaller in results, this miniscule thing did nothing other than annoy me. I actually pitied the thing; you know it came off the assembly line dreaming of shaving the bikini area of some Scandinavian goddess, or some Nordic angel-like pubes. Instead, it was greeted with italian body hair, and it instantly prayed for death.

Which, perhaps, you are too after being submitted to talk of my pubic area. WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

I'm really on a Neutrogena kick today, huh? And this one is kind of a lie, but again, I couldn't find the exact product I'm using, but this'll do. I also ran out of my Philosophy Amazing Grace body lotion lately and, BECAUSE I AM ECONOMY-MINDED, decided to just pick up something at the drugstore instead. I have seen this on the shelf for years but always avoided it because.. well.. oil is yucky. To me, anyway. I don't like being slimy. It's just one of my basic groundrules in life. BUT, this also comes in a lotion! (WITH NO PICTURES AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET.) And the lotion? I LURVE. So delicately scented, long-lasting, and just whisper-light. Very, very nice. I approve.

We're nearing the end of our little drugstore round-up, and I wanted to throw a big-ole shout out to my ladies at Dove. (Sidenote: the guy behind me just asked "Sarah, like with an 's'?" HOW ELSE DO YOU SPELL THAT?) I LOVE this entire line. I ran out of my Philosophy Amazing Grace body wash (okay, so I'm poor, okay? TOTALLY OUT OF ALL THINGS PHILOSOPHY.), and had been using this fragrance in deoderant for awhile, so I thought, what the heck? But let me warn you: although most cleansers throw things like "mint" in there to describe an odor, this does INDEED have mint in it.. i.e... it makes your lady parts sting a tad.

Which could be good or bad, depending on your mood.

Last but not least, I bought the above mascara because I had run low on my stand-by fave, Maybelline's Define-a-Lash. I had actually tried to find the Lash Blast kool-aid when it first came out and those uber-uncomfortable and unflattering Drew Barrymore commercials were on (um, fake tan much, Drew? Channeling Oompa Loompas lately?), but was unsuccessful in locating a tube. This time around, though, I totally got one. And? EH. Not really in love with it. Sure, it does make your lashes larger (as does my fave, see above), but my major turn-off? It doesn't come off easily. Like, at all. So when I use my cleanser (the one Philosophy product I'm NOT out of), it doesn't come off. So when I need to put my makeup on the next day, my eyelashes are crunchy. I'm just not a fan of crunchy lashes. Or Drew Barrymore, as of late.

So there's mine. Any drugstore steals you've stumbled upon lately?

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